I studied art at Camberwell in the early 1990s, including a year in Surface and Textile Design, and went on to do a degree in Maths and Philosophy at Durham University.  

Having worked extensively for 20 years in conservation, both at home and abroad, I completed a degree at the Open University in 2015 in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing, whilst working 4 days a week in horticulture.

I was lucky enough to have 2 pictures exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2019.

I gained 5 publishing contracts in the 5 years after my degree.  These were the illustrated books:

Worlds' Most Endangered with New Holland, published in the UK, US, NZ and Australia.

Rare British Breeds and The Secret Life of an Arable Field, both published by Pen and Sword.

Aurora Metro published The Contemporary Artist's Guide to Art Galleries.  It is similar to The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook as it contains contact details for the majority of contemporary art galleries in the UK and abroad.

The biography of my ancestor, Sir George Elliot, pitboy turned international tycoon, published by Amberley Publishing, called Bonnie Geordie, a name that the pitmen used to call him.

During this time I worked for an after-school club as play leader.

Prior to that, I spent 20 years writing the social and healthcare autobiography, Silk Purses and Pigs' Ears, comprising of the following short stories:  Battle of Wits, Brave Squaw, Cocktails at Dawn, The Psychic Revolution, Truth or Die, The Continued Attempted Manslaughter of Sophie McCallum, Honour before Justice and the Butterfly and the Chrysalis.

After 8 months of breast cancer, I started a new role at CAMHS  - Children's and Adolescent Mental Health Service - in April 2024.